customized boxes to nourish the soul after loss

"I'll never forget how he liked his coffee... brewed strong, with sweetener, a hint of cream.  As a child, I would stand near his feet in the kitchen as the morning light shone through our windows.  He would brew a pot, pour it into my mother's favorite mug, and walk it to her before she rose from bed.  Once I became an adult, coffee was a ritual we did together.  He'd visit my young family in our rural neighborhood, and we would sit together on the back porch and overlook the lake.  As the cypress trees swayed with spanish moss, time always stopped as I savored in the sweet spirit of my father.  Years later, as he aged into his twilight years, he grew confused on his visits to my home.  On the nights when he would stay in our guest room, he would struggle to remember where he was when he awoke.  And so, every night, I'd place a note for him by the coffee pot.  'Dad, the pot is ready to brew.  Press the button to start, and enjoy a cup of coffee.  I'll be down soon.  I love you, Cyndy.'  And now that he's gone, coffee reminds me of him still.  I savor the moments when I feel him close, and feel thankfulness for my father... my rock and steady constant of kindness and peace in my life."  

Sometimes, a regular cup of coffee is so much more than just coffee.  To honor the many ways that everyday life connects us with the people we love, we are proud to be offering coffee in the laurelbox shop.  We have teamed up with Carabello Coffee Company and we think you'll love their small batch and artisan coffee.  Paired with a forget me not mug and a dish towel, it's a gift that will help your friend slow down to remember their loved ones.  Enjoy 25% off this pairing through July 16th with our Remembering You Coffee Set. 


July 13, 2016 by Johanna Mutz

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