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Gifts to Nourish the Soul

Bereaved Mothers // Original

$ 91.00

This laurelbox was specifically designed to nourish the hearts of bereaved mothers.  It includes the gifts below:


Inspiration:  This laurelbox was inspired by Mighty Molly Ann Mutz.  Her powerful 8 days on this earth serve as a reminder of the strength of our Creator.    

We cannot, Lord, Thy purpose see,
But all is well that’s done by Thee

From a bereaved mother: One week after losing my 6-day old baby, I received one of the most beautifully packaged boxes in the mail. I was so impressed by the immaculate attention to detail of the box itself, and, as I opened it, I was even more taken aback by its perfectly packaged contents. Each item was personalized and made me feel truly special. If there was ever a time one needs something to feel special, it was during that time. I thank you for giving my heart something to smile about when I didn’t even know it could smile.  - Chelsea