Journey of Grief

This laurelbox was curated by our friend Brittney Lynne. Brittney lovingly chose these seven items from the laurelbox shop to nourish a mama's heart as she walks through different cycles of grief.  This laurelbox is especially meaningful, as it includes a special letter written from Brittney to the grieving mama who receives these items.  It's an intimate and loving gift to give to any woman who has lost a precious one.


Below is the text included with each box: 

Dearest Mama,

Here are 7 laurelbox items (one for each day of the week) that I have hand-chosen for you to bring even the slightest comfort in your coming days. Though the valley may be dark and long, just know- from one aching mama to another- you are dearly loved!

1) “Collecting Your Tears” Handkerchief:  In the beginning, all I did was cry. Many times, I would be in places where I couldn’t find a tissue – walking through Target, at a stoplight behind the steering wheel, the front row of church on a Sunday morning – and I felt embarrassed when I’d come home to find mascara all over my cheeks. But there aren’t just meaningless tears that should be forgotten on a piece of toilet paper from the nearest public bathroom, these are tears that represent the love you have for your sweet babe. This should be something of great sentiment. Wash it, or don’t wash it (that’s up to you) and keep it in your purse at all times.

2) You Are Adored” Herbal Tea: There will be times where we try to make sense of it all, times where we try to understand WHY he/she had to die…but our inability to figure things out will send us reeling. It’s in these moments that things could get chaotic if we don’t take time to nourish the soul. Drink this in, take a deep breath, and let peace calm your raging storm.

3) A spoonful of "HOPE:"  When you’re scooping/stirring your You are Adored tea, let this vintage spoon serve as a reminder to never lose hope. Your spirit may be broken and your mind may feel weak, but hold onto hope with a firm grip and don’t let go. Hope is the helmet that will save you when the grief-blows unexpectedly knock you off your feet.

4) Coffee Mug: Because you need a lovely hand painted mug for the items #2 and #3, plus, those sleepless/restless nights will lead to MANY a mornings where caffeine seems necessary for survival (#butfirstCOFFEE)! 

5) Essential Oil Roller: Self-care has become my weekly go-to stress reliever. There’s something about SILENTLY soaking in a hot, sooth tub before bed that melts away my anxiety. This essential oil roller will add to that sense of renewal…like a gentle cleansing of the soul. Turn down the lights, shut off your phone, and let the aromatherapy sooth the pain of your yesterday.

6) Forget Me Not Necklace: It’s been over 2 years since Cruz died, and yet there’s never a time/place where I am unaware of his absence. It’s a strange feeling to be out n’ about with my eldest and youngest, realizing no one know that my middle child is missing. I LOVE the idea of wearing a commemorative necklace on my neck, because it’s a tangible “presence” of Cruz. Scrolling through pictures on my iPhone can be a bit impersonal at times, but this necklace will stay with you – near to your heart.

7) Shining Bright” Birthday Candle: One of the hardest things about child loss is figuring out a way to remember/honor them on their birthday that doesn’t seem morbid. Do you buy them presents they won’t open? A cake that you have to eat for them? A balloon send-off is a fun tradition, but after they disappear into the clouds I’m just reminded of his unreachability all over again. Birthdays are supposed to be happy/joyful/celebratory, but that’s hard to do when your heart is feeling mournful. Laurelbox’s handmade “confetti” CAKE CANDLE is a PERFECT way to solve this gut wrenching dilemma! Light it but once a year, and use it for no one else. It will feel special, cheery, and fill the room with sweet smells…a tradition you are sure to look forward to on her every birthday.

Feeling all the feels for you,
Brittney Lynne

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