Bereaved Mothers / 6 laurelbox Subscription ($39 per laurelbox)

Remember a mother with empty arms throughout the year with a laurelbox subscription. The first laurelbox is sent immediately and the remaining laurelboxes arrive on customized dates that are hard for the grieving mother.

Simply select your customized dates below, and let us take care of the rest. One week prior to shipment, you will receive an email confirming the charge and shipment of your gift.


Restore: Arrives 3 months after the order is placed


Birthday: Arrives by the Birthday


Do You See What I See: Arrives by December 25


Forget Me Not: Arrives by the anniversary of the loss


Heart to Heart: Arrives by Mother's Day 2022


Commemorate: Send Immediately

Select Dates

Commemorate (sent immediately):  Commemorate them with gifts that remember their loved one. Includes a beautiful handkerchief to acknowledge their loss, a packet of plantable seed paper, and a pen set to write special love notes on the seed paper. 

Restore (arrives 3 months after the order is placed): After you've gone through trauma or loss, it can be difficult to experience restorative sleep. This laurelbox encourages a bedtime routine and a good night's sleep. Includes a Through the Tears Eye Mask, Peaceful and Soothing Mist, and Forget Me Not Handcreme. 

Heart to Heart (arrives by Mothers Day)Your heart and theirs are always connected. Store a symbolic necklace of your choice on a jewelry dish with special meaning. Includes the Heart to Heart Jewelry Dish and your choice of a necklace from the laurelbox collection.  

Forget Me Not (arrives by the anniversary of the loss)This forget me not themed gift box is a precious way to let them know you remember their loved one. The forget me not flower is long heralded as a symbol of remembrance. Includes a Forget Me Not tea towel and a Forget Me Not mug.

Birthday (arrives by the birthday): Although they may no longer be earth-side, celebrating the day of their birth is still a special part of honoring their memory. Each gift is exclusive for laurelbox, and perfectly designed to invite a day of remembering the love you shared. Includes the Shining Bright Birthday Candle and Apothecary Birthday Matches.

Do You See What I See (arrives by December 25): Holidays are difficult when you are missing a loved one. This laurelbox includes the Do You See What I See ornament and Red Bead Wooden Garland.

Please note that due to events outside of our control with USPS (such as inclement weather, closures, or other delays), boxes may arrive 1 +/- days from your specified date.  

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