Custom Subscription for Dana

Forget Me Not (loss anniversary): 7/20/20 
Birthday (mother's birthday): 1/6/21 
Restore (Mother's Day): 5/9/21


Birthday: Arrives by the Birthday


Forget Me Not: Arrives by the anniversary of the loss


Restore: Arrives by Mother's Day 2021

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Restore (arrives 3 months after the order is placed): After you've gone through trauma or loss, it can be difficult to experience restorative sleep. This laurelbox encourages a bedtime routine and encourage a good night's sleep. Includes a Through the Tears Eye Mask, Peaceful and Soothing Mist, and Forget Me Not Handcreme. 

Forget Me Not (arrives by the anniversary of the loss)This forget me not themed gift box is a precious way to let them know you remember their loved one. The forget me not flower is long heralded as a symbol of remembrance. Includes a Forget Me Not tea towel and a Forget Me Not mug.

Birthday (arrives by the birthday): Although they may no longer be earth-side, celebrating the day of their birth is still a special part of honoring their memory. Each gift is exclusive for laurelbox, and perfectly designed to invite a day of remembering the love you shared. Includes the Shining Bright Birthday Candle and Apothecary Birthday Matches.