customized boxes to nourish the soul after loss

you are adored herbal tea

$ 16.00

DESCRIPTION: this organic, all natural, and hand blended tea helps us to feel love for ourselves and others, rebuilds depleted reserves, and eases anxiety.  Each tea includes a reusable muslin bag for steeping.



FLAVOR: mild floral flavor


BENEFITSRose, hawthorn and linden are gentle tonifying herbs that support the heart and womb.  They help create ease and peace in the emotional space while strengthening the physical body.  They are known for helping us to feel love from others and for ourself. Nettle is a mineral and protein rich herb that deeply nourishes the body, building up our reserves when they have been depleted. Lemonbalm is a nervine that settles and and soothes the most tender parts of ourselves, easing stress and anxiety.  It is an herb that lifts the mood and sense of well-being.  It also settles the stomach, which can be compromised during stress. Lavender is a nervous system tonic that reduces stress. 


ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Nettle leaf, Hawthorn, Lemonbalm, Linden, Hawthorn Berries, Hibiscus, and Lavender 


SIZE: 2 ounces (approximately 30-40 6 ounce cups of tea)


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