cards for aching hearts

One of my biggest privileges in my role of packaging and shipping laurelboxes is writing your personalized gift messages.  Seeing the words you sent to each other often brings me to tears or fills me with chills.  There is nothing so powerful as purposeful community.   

We are completely committed to making sure each laurelbox feels like a customized and personal sympathy gift.  As part of that effort, we offer your choice of four complimentary cards with each laurelbox purchase.  Every card is beautiful and touching for hurting hearts.  When you go through online checkout, simply check your favorite, and then we will carefully handwrite the gift message you include inside the card. 

We are SO excited to launch this most recent card. This spring, I had a vision of a paper flower tied onto an ombre card.  After teaching myself to make paper flowers, I have finally perfected my craft.  I worked with my dear friend and artist Robin Ewers to create a card that would correspond with the paper flowers.  It's a beautiful combo.

We also offer three beautiful cards by Jane Fandrey.  Jane is a calligrapher and illustrator whose beautiful work is also on our tea towels and handkerchief.  How gorgeous and whimsical is her work? 


We are so incredibly proud that each laurelbox is infused with these personal touches that help each recipient feel that it was uniquely made for them.  Thank you so much for inviting us into your lives as such tender and intimate moments.  We love this little community so so very much.