customized boxes to nourish the soul after loss

Welcome to laurelbox.  We're so glad you're here.  Our shop offers thoughtfully hand curated gift boxes designed to nourish a woman's heart after loss.  If a friend of yours has recently lost a loved one, you can rest assured that our boxes are designed to nourish a woman's heart after a loss.  If you are currently walking through loss, it is our deep hope that the box you receive makes you feel loved and remembered.  We know that no gift can ever replace the people we have lost, but we hope the prayers we pour over those touched by our company can be felt when you open a laurelbox.  

Our gift boxes stand apart from typical gifts that offer comfort during grief.  Most items are made by hand here at laurelbox.  Our other products are sourced from small independent artisans who have joined with us to offer exclusive items that speak to a woman’s soul, body, home, and family.  

About us: We are Denise Wolfe and Johanna Mutz, cousins and best friends from Cincinnati, Ohio and Tampa, Florida.  When dear friends of ours lost children, siblings, and parents, we recognized a need for beautiful gifts that would speak to loss.  laurelbox is our answer for that need.  

Denise has over 10 years of experience in product sales and brings her amazing eye for vintage design and decor to laurelbox.  Denise and her husband Wes live in Ohio where they are raising two toddlers and two teens.   Denise, good soul that she is, also helps Wes run his business.  They both enjoy all the free time that comes with a family of six and owning two companies.   When Denise isn't putting the perfect touches on laurelbox gifts, she enjoys indulging in guilty pleasures like wearing fancy yoga clothes (even though she is not working out) and sipping wine. 

Johanna: Johanna previously worked as a museum fundraiser, and brings her love of handmade artistic products to laurelbox.  She lives in Florida with her husband and two boys.  When she is not creating gifts for laurelbox, she is gardening, failing at DIY projects, and hiding from winter.  She has a love-hate relationship with her desire to live a natural lifestyle.  Mostly because of the cloth diapers.  So much is the fault of the cloth diapers.