Infant and Child Loss

Experiencing the loss of an infant or child is a heartbreak no parent should have to endure. We have designed this collection of heartfelt baby loss gifts and child loss gifts in order to honor and support parents who have lost an infant or child. 

Each gift in this collection was thoughtfully designed to support you or help you support someone who is navigating infant and child loss. We offer remembrance jewelry with your baby’s actual footprint, name or birthstone. We also offer candles that are personalized memorial candles with your baby’s name, customized butterfly garden gifts to plan a memorial garden in your baby’s honor, and holiday ornaments in memory of your infant. Because we know that celebrating your baby’s birthday after they have passed away is difficult, we also offer a customized birthday memorial candle, complete with sprinkles. You can also shop our collection of I Carry You in My Heart gifts, which feature exclusive artwork to symbolize the love of a parent and child. 

Give an infant loss gift or a child loss gift that will help bring comfort to help carry them through this time of grief and loss, and show them that they have you as a source of strength and support.