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When you lose someone you love, your world is often changed forever. Those left behind may feel like they have to face this overwhelming new world all by themselves.

Let your grieving family member or friend know they are in your heart. A small gesture can make a big difference and remind them they are not alone. Sometimes this knowledge can be more helpful than you would imagine. 

Our collections page is filled with carefully curated items designed to show support, comfort and thoughtfulness to those suffering the pain of losing someone they love. From candles that bring light in dark places, to chimes that sound in remembrance of the deceased loved one, to an ornament that honors their memory during the holidays, we’ve prepared this collection to provide well-wishers with a source for appropriate and thoughtful keepsakes.  

Choose a simple gift here to show your support, or use these keepsakes as a foundation in building a laurelbox that caters to your loved one’s preferences and personality.

Include a personal message on the included sympathy card and bless your friend or loved one with some comfort in knowing they have someone who cares about them.