Be A Friend Friday

A few months ago, I felt like our social media pages were getting a little stale.  I had lots of pretty pictures of pretty things...but laurelbox is about so much more than that.  Something was missing.  So I put out a call to our followers and asked them what they wanted.  And the response was clear.  Community.  They wanted a place to come, share their stories, hear other stories, and find hope.  

So we started a little hashtag called #BeAFriendFriday.  And each Friday, we come together on facebook or instagram or twitter or pinterest and reflect on what helped us, who helped us, and why it helped us.  It has become a beautiful little tradition that I look forward to each Friday.  

Take a look below at some of my favorite quotes from the series.  I love watching this beautiful laurelbox project grow.  It's about so much more than sympathy gifts you guys.  It's about community and sisterhood and support and friendship and love.