The heart of laurelbox

Welcome to laurelbox.  We're so glad you're here.  Let me tell you the story of our shop.  We are Denise Wolfe and Johanna Mutz, cousins (although we consider each other sisters and best friends) from Ohio and Colorado.  The last few years, some of our dearest friends experienced some of the most painful losses faced by human kind.  Losses of children, parents, siblings, and friends.  

Watching their loss was so heartbreaking and what motivated this whole endeavor.  Denise and I both love Jesus, natural living, and vintage design and decor.  But, when we went looking to send our friends meaningful gifts, most items that were designed specifically for loss weren't something that our friends would like.  So we started thinking of items and gifts that would combine both a really beautiful aesthetic and a special meaning.  We also happen to be quite crafty, so a lot of our stuff is handmade by us.  Everything else is done by small, women owned businesses.

Our vision for laurelbox is that women can be empowered and encouraged to walk intimately with their friends through grief.  In my own experience of loss (I miscarried my first pregnancy), I felt very alone.  And it wasn't because I was really alone...but it was more because my friends weren't equipped with how to walk with me through it.  We hope that laurelbox can help be just one way where we can encourage women to walk through loss with each other.  We've poured our heart, soul, and personal finances into this project, and hope laurelbox can bring light and love to hurting people. 
Thanks for joining us in our small community of women who will jump into the difficult with each other.  All our love.