Because you are seen

Maybe you found us here at laurelbox because a dear friend is experiencing a hardship.  All you want to do is be there for her.  Maybe you don't know how.  Maybe you do.  

Maybe you found us because you are experiencing hardship.  Your life doesn't make sense and maybe you feel alone.  

Maybe you are the mother whose child is gone too soon.

Maybe you've lost your job.

Maybe you've just moved and you are aching in loneliness.

Maybe your marriage has just ended.

Maybe you've lost a parent, sibling, aunt or uncle, grandparent. 

Maybe you knew your hardship was coming.  Or maybe you didn't.

We want you to know that we see you.  Even though we don't know your name and we don't know your story.  We care about you. We care about your story.  We know that life is no easy journey.  And we hope that the little community you find here can ease even a fraction of the ache in your soul.  

Because YOU are seen.