20 Best Bereavement Gifts To Show Your Love & Support

It can be really difficult to know how to show your love and support to someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. If you are struggling to know what to send to someone who has lost a child, experienced infant loss or miscarriagelost a spouse, or lost a friend or family member, we have listed our favorite beautiful bereavement gifts ideas and bereavement baskets. We hope you love these unique bereavement gifts to remember a lost loved one!

Custom Butterfly Garden Seed Set

Many grieving people find deep symbolism in the presence of butterflies, and our Custom Butterfly Garden Seed Set is a perfect personalized bereavement gift. So many people find peace in their grief through gardening, and we just love this special set for creating a memorial garden in honor of a loved one. The beautiful colors and precious artwork make it an incredibly special memorial gift for the loss of a mother. 

Sherpa Heat Pillow

After you have gone through a difficult loss, it is helpful just to find some moments of self care. This Sherpa Heat Pillow is a portable heat pillow so you can be sure to bring the therapeutic powers of heat with you as you move about. It features a soft, hot water bottle with a fuzzy removable cover, and it makes a cozy and comforting bereavement gift.

An Online Course from What’s Your Grief

What’s Your Grief is an amazing online resource that can offer support and help for grieving people. If you know your grieving friend well, we love the idea of sending them one of the online courses and webinars by What’s Your Grief. The courses include on a wide range of topics related to grief, grief support, and coping, and are a great way to help support a friend as they seek wellness after loss.

Slumberkins Snuggler and Book Set

If you are looking for unique bereavement gifts for children, look no further than Sluberkins, a unique company that has developed a collection of books and stuffed animals to help children build social-emotional skills. Supporting children who are grieving is a unique experience, as children experience grief and loss differently than adults. The Sprite stuffed animal supports children as they grieve the loss of a loved one by helping them to process their grief, understand how to cope with loss, and articulate their heavy emotions. We can’t say enough great things about this brand and their Sprite snuggler and book set! 

When Cardinals Appear Angels are Near Bereavement Baskets

Cardinals have long been considered a sign from loved ones, which is what makes our cardinal themed personalized bereavement gifts special. Each gift set includes personalized names in the bereavement gift basket, and is designed to remember a loved one. The warm wooden and silver tones of this gift also make it one of my favorite bereavement gifts for the loss of a father! 

Personalized Photo Mug

A personalized photo mug is another wonderful condolence gift idea. It can be customized with a loved one’s photo and name, making it a super special gift to give and receive. Zazzle has lots of great options of mugs designed to honor grandmas, grandpas, moms and dads, so there is sure to be something for every type of loss. 

It’s OK that You’re Not OK

I normally lean away from recommending a grief support book to friends and family after loss, as grief is immensely personal and books can sometimes be hard to get just right. But, It’s Ok that You’re Not Ok by Megan Devine is the exception. If your friend needs a loving permission slip to feel the roller coaster of grief, this is the book. It’s a wonderful look at what it means to both grieve and give support during grief. 

In Memory Custom Memorial Candle

One of my favorite personalized bereavement gifts is always our In Memory Custom Memorial Candle. Each candle is personalized with a loved one’s name, so it can be lit to let the memory of their light shine. Each 100% natural soy wax candle is poured here at laurelbox, and is customized and hand packaged with love and care.

Plant a Tree in Memory

A sympathy gift tree is a wonderfully thoughtful and kind gift to send to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. We absolutely love Seeds of Life’s memorial gift trees. Each tree is elegantly packaged, healthy, and guaranteed to thrive. You can shop their wide collection of trees and rose gifts to find the perfect fit!

Eterneva Diamond

Eterneva diamonds are a very special and deeply personal piece of jewelry for someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. Eterneva works to celebrate loved ones by turning their ashes into a diamond. Once the diamond is finished being transformed at Eterneva, it becomes a bright and beautiful piece of timeless heirloom jewelry that can be remembered and treasured forever. 

Deeply Loved Photo Frame

If you are looking for gifts to remember a loved one, our Deeply Loved Photo Frame is a perfect gift. Each affordable frame comes with a meaningful quote, and is made of high quality glass and brass. These frames are beautiful, durable, and show how much you care! 

Best Dad Ever Photo Gift from Minted

We love this modern personalized photo art gift by Minted for someone who has lost their dad. It really is a perfect personalized bereavement gift, and is so sweet to support someone during the loss of a father! The photo art says the phrase, “Best Dad Ever” and can be personalized with a photo and name of the grieving child.

Sending Sympathy Snack Set

Sometimes, food is one of the best support gifts you can send to help someone grieving a lost loved one. This Sending Sympathy gift basket has a mixture of sweet and savory snacks to help show your support to someone grieving a difficult time.  

Life Around 2 Angels Bath Bomb

These Life Around 2 Angels bath bombs are truly some of the absolutely best! They are made with natural ingredients, they smell amazing, and they feel like a treat. They are a wonderful gift for anyone who needs a little extra care during a difficult time.

Empathy Card from Em&Friends

Em&Friends has a seriously amazing line of empathy cards and gifts. These cards help you to find the right words when there really are not any. If you need a card that will show you care, but leave out all the cheesiness of what is available in most stores, Em&Friends is the best there is. 

Gel Bead Eye Mask

A gel bead eye mask that is chilled in the freezer is the perfect solution to the headaches and sore eyes that come with a long cry session. While we never want to see our friends in tears, this remembrance gift shows you know how hard grief can be, and that you are truly there.

Custom Cookies by Delight Patisserie

This personalized shortbread cookie set can be customized with your own custom thoughtful message. I love the idea of sending this to a grieving friend with the note, “Dear friend, I am thinking of you.” These cookies feel really special, and they are delicious too! 

A Journal Filled with Memories

When you lose someone you love, it can sometimes feel like memories are all you have left. If you are sending a gift in honor of a close friend who has passed away, we love the idea of filling a journal with your memories and sharing it with their family.

A Potted Plant from The Sill

While flowers can actually be a difficult sympathy gift to receive because they wilt and die, a living potted plant from The Sill is a gift that can bring comfort for years. I especially like sending the easy to care for ZZ Plant.

Fresh Succulent Wreath

This is another great bereavement gift alternative to flowers! This wreath is handmade and a perfect size for indoors or on a front door. It is a great way to show you remember their loss! 

We hope that this compilation of the best bereavement gift ideas for someone who lost a loved one has helped you as you work to support a loved one! And we hope that you know while these gift ideas are all so wonderful, the best gift you can give a grieving friend is your kind presence.