How Could We Have Known?

I will always wonder who you would have been.

When I read this, I wept… and the heart of laurelbox started to grow.

During the last six months I experienced a flurry of doubt, excitement, and deep breath-taking weeping. A moment of peaceful confirmation came when the first person Hanna and I didn’t personally know loved her laurelbox. JOY. PURE JOY. There were lots o’ sleepless nights, tears, and more tears. laurelbox is what I longed for. I just didn’t know the blessing would be wrapped in a kraft box.

Within the last year, I had a very dear friend hold her precious baby for a short time before he passed. I wept and wept. My friend was in the trench of the deepest level of grief. I wanted her to feel loved and not alone. Shortly thereafter, another momma, who has since become a friend, said goodbye to her little girl who had just celebrated her 2nd birthday. Again I was deeply struck with sadness. However I didn’t know what to do or send. I scoured the internet for gifts and called friends to ask their suggestions, but I still couldn’t find a gift that I felt would nourish her soul. A fleeting thought crossed my mind…should I create a company to nourish women’s souls?

I looked back at my first journal entry of 2015. I was feeling completely overwhelmed with WHERE to start, paired with a ugly and deep lie that I was inadequate and not the “right person” for this journey. Because I had never walked the trenches of my own deep loss, I felt a lack of credibility. But I knew ultimately I wanted to walk with moms in their trenches and to remind them, YOU ARE LOVED. Here is a peek at that first journal entry from January 1, 2015.

Jesus- I feel your push, guidance & vision. I know the group of moms, your little girls, who have lost a child is deep and wide. Their hearts long for their baby every day. I ask that you affirm, confirm and guide this business venture. I feel heaviness when running towards it wrapped with excitement and hope. The Laurel Branch* is in the first steps. I will continue in obedience however I am so nervous and doubt-filled Lord. I surrender this to you. I trust you and I will continue to march forward.
*the original name of laurelbox was the Laurel Branch 

Rewind back to October 1985 when I was 5 years old. My sweet cousin Johanna was just born. I loved her more than anyone else. I carried her around as my own baby and squeezed her too tight (according to our Grandma). As kids we danced together on coffee tables to Michael Jackson. And later as adults, I stood as her maid of honor, and she stood as my matron of honor. In January of this year, after many conversations about the idea brewing in my head, she said, “I’d love to do this with you.” Without hesitation or a second breath, we began knitting the heart of laurelbox together.

The Lord used our partnership to bring laurelbox to fruition. Johanna and I empower each other, encourage each other, and lean on each other. There is nobody else I would rather run this blessing focused business with than my beautiful best friend, Johanna.

Our hearts are completely invested (and our personal bank accounts too!). We want to bless the masses with our delicate, hand-curated, and intentional gifts. I pray over each recipient of a laurelbox as I wrap, tape and mail it to each momma.

We are marching forward.