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We are so excited to share this guest post today.  Mary Lee Gill is a very important woman to us here at laurelbox.  Not only because is she pretty amazing (and funny to boot), but she is also our grandmother.  She has been a huge inspiration to us and modeled a full and beautiful life.  Even amongst the hardships, our "Grandma Gill" put others first.  We think it's a huge testament to her character that she claims the friends of her youth as her friends of her later years.  I think her words about community and friendship are pretty special.  So sit down and hear some words of wisdom from our very own Grandma Gill. 



by Mary Lee Gill

After all the parties have been planned ...after all the races have been run.............
after all the bread has been boils down to RELATIONSHIPS.
As you travel down this dusty, winding road called life..many women will cross
your path..but only a few..a very few...will become your "GIRLFRIENDS'.....
These gals will find..are very much like you...your morals..your values..
and your sence of humor too.
They will be there with a bottle of celebrate with you...those wonderful times.
When stormy times come they always do..these gals will be there to comfort you.
So my plan the run the bake the bread..for goodness sakes..
Do pray to GOD to send just a few...wonderful "GIRLFRIENDS"  to share life with you.

June 16, 2015 by Johanna Mutz

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