7 Self-Care Gifts you can Give to Your Best Friend

Self care has become more and more important as we have learned how much it can contribute to maintaining mental health. You might also have people in your life, such as your best friend, that really need an extra pick-me-up right now. Here are seven self care gifts you can give your best friend to help encourage them.


1. A New Robe

There is something luxurious and cozy about a warm and fuzzy robe in your favorite color. When you are going through a difficult season of life, a robe can feel like a warm and soft hug from a friend. A robe is something that they can wear daily to feel comfort on hard days. 

We love this bamboo robe from laurelbox, which is so cuddly and soft! It is a sure way to show your friend that you care, and truly feels special and unique. This robe is made out of sustainable bamboo fabrics, which is great for both warm weather and cool weather climates. 

If you want to make the gift extra special, you can pair it with a cute pair of matching slippers. This pair looks so gloriously comforting, and would be a gift your friend could use for years. 

As a Floridian, I am a big fan of anything that is fuzzy and cozy, but also not too hot. These fuzzy sandals are a great option if you are sending a gift to someone in a warmer climate. 

2. Sweet or Savory Treats or Healthy Snacks

When a friend is going through a difficult time, gifting them special foods can be a helpful way to support them. As Psychology Today explains, “While people respond to stress in a variety of ways, changes in appetite is an almost universal component of grief.” 

Because many people can struggle with changes in appetite after losing a loved one or going through a difficult time, it is important to bring your friend foods that are both delicious and healthy. We also always recommend people remember that “a frequent complaint from the bereaved is that initially they receive lots of calls, visits, and food. After the first couple of weeks, these tend to subside.” Keep bringing food to support your friend in the weeks and months after the loss! 

Below is a list of some of our favorite ideas of food, snacks, and treats to bring to your friend who is in need of some self care. 

  • A 3 month subscription to Delicious Door: Delicious Door is a snack subscription box filled with health conscious and delicious snacks that starts at $34 per month. I truly love this self care gift idea for someone who is grieving so much. All the foods in the Delicious Door are premium quality and health focused, so you can be sure the food you are sending your friend will support them during their grief.
  • 10 Pack of Smoothies from Splendid Spoon: Cooking after loss is so hard, which is why I love the idea of sending a pack of 10 premade smoothies to someone who is grieving. For someone who has experienced a dip in their appetite because of their grief, a smoothie is a great and gentle option. You get to choose your friend’s smoothie flavors, and Splendid Spoon will send it directly to their door.
  • Tea + Sympathy Gift Box by Mouth: This care package includes everything a friend would need for enjoying a cup of tea – including an assortment of honey, cookies, and tea. It is a super sweet way to show you care and your friend will love the treats!

3. A Gift Card to Their Favorite Place

You can also send your friend a gift card to a favorite local spot. Some of my favorite ideas are to send them a gift card to their favorite restaurant, nail salon, spa, or massage studio. They can use the gift card for a relaxing day to help reset their heart and body.

4. Bath Bombs or Shower Steamers

Many people who are grieving also share that they feel a lot of comfort with wellness self care packages. Laurelbox has a curated collection of self care gifts made with organic and natural ingredients that truly help care for the body. From essential oil rollers, to salt soaks and shower steamers, laurelbox has a self care gift for any budget and need.

If you want to take your spa themed gift to the next level for your friend, you can add a new soft white towel and a candle to the self care gift box. It will be a sweet and thoughtful way to help send a truly comforting gift. We love the Light in Dark Places candle for someone struggling through a difficult season who is in need of some self care! 

5. Face Masks

Facial masks are another great self care gift idea! Laurelbox has a luxurious rosehip and clay facial mask that makes a thoughtful gift for treating yourself during difficult seasons.

A therapeutic eye mask is also super helpful for someone going through loss. Headaches and eye pain are common during times of grief (all that crying can take a toll), and this ice mask can help soothe the discomfort. Under eye masks like this one are another great option. 

You can also pick up a face mask at your local drugstore or Target, which makes an easy and quick gift if you want to drop it off at your friend’s home.

6. Cozy Blanket

Another idea is a blanket in their favorite color! You can wrap it up in a self care kit with their favorite treat, some new nail polish, and a few spa themed gifts. It will help them stay cozy and warm as they heal. 

7. Buy Them a Movie

If you know their favorite streaming platform, you can either get them a gift card for it, or buy a movie on their account. Sometimes it can be helpful for someone who is struggling to take a bit of time to get lost in a story.

We hope this list is a helpful guide as you think of self care gifts to give your best friend! 



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