A Holiday Gift-Giving Guide For Those Who Are Grieving

Losing a loved one is difficult at any time of year. However, it seems to always be a little more tender around the holidays. Since holidays are typically the time we spend with family members and close friends, it can be a constant reminder of the ones we’ve lost. 

During the holidays, the loss may be yours or it may be a family member’s or friend’s loss and you want to be sensitive to this loss. You want to let your friend or family member know you are thinking of them as they grieve. So, here are a few holiday gift ideas for those who are grieving.

Send a Commemorative Christmas Ornament

The tradition of decorating for Christmas can be hard, especially right after a loss. Giving the gift of a Christmas Ornament offers a lovely way to incorporate the ones we are missing into the holidays. Each year giving someone an ornament in memory of their loved one is a way to show you remember and care. 

Everyone likes to hear or read their loved one’s name. There is something special in a name. Sending a Commemorative Christmas Ornament with their name on it feels intentional and personalized. 

If the loved one had a saying they always said or a quote that was a mantra for them, sending a Christmas Ornament personalized with this quote brings the memory of the loved one to the holiday.  

Consider an ornament with a symbol that reminds you or them of their loved ones. Some people consider feathers, cardinals or angel wings a symbolic and sacred symbol for everlasting connection. 

These are all ways to keep the loved one’s memory alive during the holiday season and if you would like to create the ornament yourself, here is a link that has several DIY commemorative ornaments to try. 

Send a Gift Card for the Essentials

When we are grieving, it can be difficult to take care of our basic needs. We tend to put the simple things aside for a season. Instead of asking your friend or family member what they need, send a gift card for the essentials. This may seem like not a grand enough gesture to honor their loved one who passed; however it is often the simple things that will show them that you are seeing their grief and pain. They will feel loved being cared for in this way. 

  1. Consider sending gift cards for groceries, 
  2. Send a gift card for a visit or few visits for a house cleaning service, 
  3. Consider sending a DoorDash or GrubHub gift card or if you know their favorite restaurant, send a gift card to their favorite place. Here is a simple guide on other egift ideas and how to send an egift

All of these options can be super helpful when they're feeling lost and need to be taken care of…especially during the holidays. Feel welcome to include a note or text that says something simple like, ‘Dinner is on me tonight, we love you.’ Your friend or family member will feel your support and know  you are with them. Also, not sure what to say during this season, here is a link to help with simple words as you support and love your friend or family member. 

Name a Star After Their Loved One

If you want a forever symbolic way to honor a loved one, consider “Naming a Star” after them. There are many star registries online however www.star-registration.com will show you clearly visible stars that can be seen with the naked eye. You receive a star certificate, a celestial map with coordinates and a factsheet with all the information about the named star. This is also a special gift for a child missing a loved one. This incredible gift for grieving is one that every time they look up in the sky, night after night, they can see their loved ones named star.  

Commemorative Jewelry 

Wearing a necklace or bracelet signifies remembrance. Giving the grieving gift of commemorative jewelry can be a subtle and meaningful way to carry their loss. Each item can be personal to the loss with personalized names, initials, birth flowers or birthstones. 

  1. Sending a personalized initial necklace allows your loved one to wear the initial of that special person near their heart.
  2. If you have a picture or copy of the loved ones handwriting, sending a beautiful custom engraved handwriting necklace with the loved one’s actual handwriting engraved onto the charm is giving a timeless keepsake for their grieving heart.

The gift of commemorative jewelry is a gift for grievers that is so special and unique. It is subtle and allows the recipient to be discreet while wearing it near to them when they are thinking of their loved one. 

Build a Holiday laurelbox

Laurelbox makes it simple to send a heartfelt sympathy gift for loss to your loved ones this holiday season. We know that the holidays are extra heavy and honoring a loved one is a must. We offer two options when selecting your holiday laurelbox:

  1. You can build a holiday laurelbox by selecting your favorite items, from customized jewelry or candles to prayer shawls, blanket and tea. All items selected will be packed all together beautifully in our signature packaging with a message from you written in one of our cards. 
  2. You can also select from our curated holiday laurelboxes. Our holiday curated laurelboxes are a beautiful affordable way to honor a loved one.

Laurelbox offers a wide variety of holiday specific sentimental gifts for someone who lost a loved one from glass engraved ornaments, rose gold engraved ornaments, hand carved feather ornaments, a wide variety of candles personalized with your loved one’s name to Boxwood wreaths, holiday tea towels and windchimes. Whatever the items are that you chose to send, they will be a tangible way to show your friend or family member that they are loved and seen. We believe no item can fill the deep void of those we have lost however we hope that each item is a reminder that those who have had loss are loved and their loved ones are remembered, especially this holiday.