Care For a Grieving Mother With Miscarriage Gifts

After you lose a child to miscarriage or infant loss, it is so easy to feel alone in your grief. Oftentimes family and friends have no idea how to support a grieving mother, and they struggle to know what to do or to say. When it comes down to it, however, a grieving mom just wants her support system to acknowledge her loss. A miscarriage gift can be a sweet and thoughtful way to honor a grieving mother and show your support. Below are a few of our favorite items for supporting grieving moms. 

Give a piece of memorial jewelry

There is something so special for a bereaved mother about wearing a piece of jewelry in honor of your child near to your heart. We offer timeless memorial necklaces that are designed to be worn for years in honor of a child lost to miscarriage, pregnancy, or infant loss. 

Our I Carry You in My Heart Necklace is one our favorite gifts for a bereaved mother. This miscarriage memorial necklace is perfect for a mama who has lost a child at any gestation or age, and it can be paired with an initial or birthstone charm as an affordable way to personalize the necklace.

From a laurelbox customer: 
“There is truly no better gift for a precious mama who has lost her sweet babe. I gave this necklace to a friend after a miscarriage and it has brought her so much joy. She wears it often and it is such a beautiful and tasteful way to remember her little one. I am ordering another one now for a dear friend. You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous necklace. Thank you Laurelbox for providing stunning gifts when words just aren’t enough. Love, love, love this company!!!!” – Kelly 

We also love our brand new Baby Handprint or Footprint Engraving Necklace. This necklace is fully customized with the child’s actual handprint or footprint and includes their name custom engraved on the charm. It is beyond special, and an incredibly thoughtful way to show your support. 

Send a Commemorative Candle to Light in October for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, and each year around the world at 7pm in your local timezone, people light candles in honor of children lost too soon in the annual Wave of Light event. Many people do not remember the grief that bereaved mamas feel in October during this remembrance month. A memorial candle from our collection makes a super special gift to show you remember and care. 

Our Custom Memorial Candles are a beautiful way to show you care, and a perfect gift for a bereaved parent to light on October 15th during Wave of Light. We love how this candle is so special and includes the child’s name. 

For a mama who lost a child before she named them, our I Carry You in My Heart Memorial candle is a special way to honor their bond. Beyond being a beautiful candle, it also smells so amazing! 

Take a look at our complete collection of ten beautiful memorial candles, where you can be sure to find the perfect candle to honor your loss or that of a friend. 

Send a Self Care Package

Losing a child to miscarriage or infant loss is extraordinarily difficult on parents, and the need for support far outlasts the initial outpouring of comfort and gifts. It is in these months after the loss that a self care gift or reflection can do wonders for the heart of a grieving parent. Below are a few of our favorite self care and reflection gifts. 

There is something so powerful about journaling about your loss as a way to process and make sense of your experience. This beautiful vegan leather journal is the perfect way to express your heart after loss. 

We also love the activity of lighting a Cedar and Rose Floral Bundle in your home to cleanse and purify the air. The bouquet of dried herbs and flowers are hand-bound with love out of materials harvested by hand.

We hope these infant loss and miscarriage gifts are a wonderful way to show a friend who has lost a child that you love and remember them!