Commemorating Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

When it's easy to feel like the world has forgotten your heartache, we see you. When it hurts because you haven't heard their names in ages, we will say and write their names. When it feels like they don't matter because you lost them early, we recognize their impact on your life. Tonight at 7pm we will be participating in the International Wave of Light. As part of our work to commemorate your little ones, we will be lighting a candle to honor them.  
Today we want to invite you to share your little one's name (or a sparkle emoji if you lost them prior to naming them) on our Instagram and Facebook. Come join arms with other mamas who are walking a similar journey.
We are also joining arms with our friend Ashlee Proffitt to commemorate your little one! Ashlee's son, Aaden Sage, passed away 10 years ago this month and she has launched an amazing resource called The Morning to help women find hope after miscarriage, still birth, or infant loss. Each October, Ashlee gives away beautiful prints for just the cost of shipping. This year's print is beautiful!   Ashlee honored Aaden's life with our Shining Bright Birthday Candle, and she is also hosting a giveaway of a $30 giftcard to the laurelbox shop – so tune in on her Instagram for more details on how to enter this week!   She also shared the sweetest review of some of her favorite items from our shop!  
With all our love (and extra hugs today),
Johanna & Denise