How to Reach Out to a Friend Who Has Lost a Loved One

Losing a loved one is one of the greatest challenges we can face as human beings. It can be a struggle knowing how to show care and support to someone who has experienced a recent loss, but you know that you want to express your love in some way. Take a look at some of our go-to ways to reach out to a friend who has recently lost a loved one.

Let Them Know You’re There

Sometimes the simple knowledge that they are seen and have a pillar of support can work wonders in helping someone navigate through this season of loss and grief. Send a sincere note expressing your condolences. Make the time to visit them in person so they know they have someone to talk to. Don’t be afraid to talk about the tough topics- if they bring up their loved one, don’t shy away from the subject. Let them open up as much as they need. You might be the first person they’re able to talk to.

Give a Gift

Laurelbox gift box

Sometimes sending a little something special is the best way to show your love and support. If you don’t live close to them, a handwritten card or a heartfelt gift can mean the world to your loved one. Sympathy gifts hold meaning and are a wonderful way to help bring peace to those grieving. Whether you’re looking for sympathy gifts for someone who has recently lost a spouse or family member, or you’re looking for a gift for a grieving mother, we’re confident that giving a heartfelt gift is a wonderful way to show your love and care.

Provide a Meal

woman giving meal to friend

Often when grieving, it can be difficult to focus on preparing a meal or going to the grocery store. Offer to make a meal and bring it to them, or order a meal to be delivered to them (we love Take them a Meal to help with this!). Do your best to take any allergies into account. You might also consider grocery shopping for essential items, such as milk, bread, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables. Removing this burden can do wonders for helping them to know that they have someone to rely on.

Offer Something Specific

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It’s challenging at times to accept help from others, so consider making a specific offer to your friend. Something like “Let me help you tackle some of those bills” or “I can take care of those dishes for you” or “I have some time, you rest while I do some laundry for you.” While these may seem like small acts, they can make a world of difference and can leave your loved one with space to feel peace and comfort.

However you decide to reach out, let your words and actions come from a place of love. The time after losing a loved one is difficult and heavy- you can help lighten the load.