Meet the Maker: Maria Schiering

We are excited to introduce you to Maria Schiering during this most recent Meet the Maker blog post. Maria and her husband Zach and I are the founders of candlespice co located right here in Cincinnati. At candlespice, they strive to offer an elegant candle that not only smells fantastic and is healthy to burn in your home, but also a candle that looks aesthetically great in any home decor style! You can find candlespice on Facebook at candlespice co or on Instagram at @candlespiceco.  We’d love for your to visit us at As laurelbox has grown, it has been such a pleasure to bring Maria onto the laurelbox team as the maker of our Shining Bright Birthday candle.  
Tell us the story of how you got started making candles: It all started on a cozy fall evening as my husband Zach and I had a candle lit and we were relaxing on the couch after a busy day. The scent from the candle triggered childhood memories and I began to tell him story after story.   I realized that all of those stories had an important element to them: the warming scent of a candle that made those memories so delightful and full of love and excitement. Coming home from school to a beautifully fragrant house was one of my most favorite things! It literally gave me butterflies to think of all of those wonderful times and how Zach and I were blessed that we have the opportunity to create those types of memories for our son.  

What about your work makes you feel energized? Honestly, meeting the most amazing people along this journey has been incredibly energizing for us! We are so inspired by the wonderful work that you girls at Laurelbox do. To offer comfort to women during some of the most difficult times is such a gift, and is so touching to us!

What accomplishment in your life makes you the most proud?  Starting our own business + raising a child + maintaining personal relationships has been the most challenging, yet most rewarding accomplishment!  

You hand pour each of the Shining Bright Birthday Candles for the laurelbox shop. What purpose do you hope the candles serve the women who receive them? It is such an honor to be able to individually hand-pour the Birthday Candle for Laurelbox. Knowing that each candle is poured for a special and sincere reason has a special place in my heart. Each candle that I pour, I truly think of the amazing woman that will receive it and be touched by this special remembrance.

Is there any part of your own life story that gives additional meaning to working with laurelbox? I have had a few close women in my life that have experienced loss and have told them about the Birthday Candle. To see the light in their eyes as they realized that not only is there a way to nurture their difficult feelings, but also to be able to light this special candle and experience the comfort of the light of the flame and the sweet warm scent is gives this experience so much meaning.