Remember a Loved One With a Custom Memorial Necklace

We know that after you lose a loved one, there is something so special with wearing customized jewelry in their memory. Custom handprint, footprint, and handwriting necklaces are a deeply personal way to treasure the memory of a loved one, and many people feel a deep connection to their loved one when they are wearing custom jewelry near to their heart.

This unique bereavement gift is totally new to our shop, and we love how special it is for grieving hearts. Although our business is small, we have been dreaming and saving for years to be able to offer personalized engraved memorial necklaces to remember a loved one.  

Bereaved parents in particular feel a deep connection to their baby’s handprint or footprint. Many parents who have lost a child will receive keepsake prints of their baby’s hands and feet while at the hospital, and these prints become treasures for the bereaved family. 

Each engraved memorial necklace is custom made fully by our staff and is very simple for the customer to order. First, a customer needs to take a photo of the handprint or footprint that they would like engraved. This image doesn’t have to be fancy or high resolution -- in fact, a simple photo of the prints with your phone works perfectly! Our in-house designer (me!) can use almost any image you have to make this custom piece. We have even turned photos of tattooed footprints into jewelry! 

After you have taken the photo, simply upload it on the listing before checkout. While on the listing, you will also have the option to include the baby’s name on your necklace – we love having the name on the charm also! From there, our staff uses modern technology to digitize the print. Our highly sophisticated engraver then takes the actual image of the print and turns it into an exact replica of the footprint or handprint! We do also like to mention though that because the prints are sized down to scale to fit on a necklace charm, intricate details and fine creases may not be seen. There may be slight lines in the design, which is part of the nature of engraving.

If you lost a parent, sibling, grandparent, or older child, we offer the option to have their actual handwriting engraved onto a bar pendant. It is a super special way to hold their memory close to your heart, and turn words they wrote to you into a piece of heirloom jewelry. 

These engraved handwriting bars are also fully made in-house by our team. First, a customer needs to locate the handwriting that they would like engraved. Most people find these samples from cards or notes that a loved one has written to them over the years. Oftentimes customers choose to have the signature line of a special card engraved. Many times these cards end with super sweet phrases like, “All my love, Dad” or “I love you Mom – John.” 

The process of submitting this handwriting is SO easy. First, snap a photograph of the card with your phone. It does not have to be fancy or high resolution. Then, upload the handwriting onto the listing page for the necklace. From there, our designer (again… me!) will take the handwriting and turn it into a digitized file that our computer system can exactly replicate onto a piece of gold or silver. Do not worry if the handwriting sample is on multiple lines. We are able to move all the text to one line during the digitization process so that the phrase can fit easily onto the charm. And do not worry if the handwriting is crooked either! We are very invested in making sure these pieces are perfect for you, so we will take care of ensuring the handwriting is evenly spaced and straight before engraving.

No matter which piece you choose, both our Custom Engraved Handprint and Footprint Necklace and our Custom Engraved Handwriting Necklace are engraved onto gold fill or sterling silver charms, so you can be sure that the pieces you order are timeless and high quality. These necklaces are so custom and turn into heirloom pieces to treasure for years.

We hope you agree that there is something extra special about your loved one’s actual handprint, footprint, or handwriting on a piece of keepsake jewelry. It felt so special to make these in honor of you, and we really are so grateful for all your support of our little business!