What to Include in a Care Package for a Grieving Wife or Mother

I get it – it can be really intimidating to know how to comfort someone who lost a loved one. And if you are supporting a grieving wife or mother, but have never gone through that type of loss before, it can be even harder to know what to include in a care package for a friend. We have put together the best ideas of what to send someone who is grieving so you can be sure your gift feels comforting and loving. 

Personalized Necklace

One of my favorite gifts to give someone who lost a loved one is a personalized memorial necklace. Wearing a necklace that is symbolic of the person you have lost can feel really healing in those early days of grief. It is really special to be able to wear someone intimate and personal close to your heart, so you can hold the memory of your loved one near. 

This collection of personalized jewelry is so beautiful – each necklace can be customized with a loved one’s name, which makes it a perfect gift for a grieving friend. If you are trying to create a gift for a mother, the I Carry You in My Heart Necklace or the Close to Your Heart Necklace are two of my favorites to put into a grief care package. 


Sending a self care package for a grieving friend is one of the best ways to support someone who is going through a difficult time. Because grief can take an immense toll on the body physically, I always recommend including a wellness gift in a grieving care package. You can find a wide variety of soothing therapeutic heat packs at Warmies. They offer a large selection of hot packs, neck wraps, booties, and heat pads which would all be so helpful to a person going through the shock of loss. 

We also love sending a Warmies Stuffed Animal in a care package for grieving children. It is such a thoughtful way to show your support for a child who has lost a loved one, and is a gift that can bring them comfort and support. 

Customized Memorial Candle

A customized memorial candle is another super thoughtful and meaningful gift for someone who has experienced loss. If you are trying to figure out what to bring to a grieving widow, you can find over 10 different types of meaningful memorial candles in our remembrance candle collection. Many of our candles can be customized with the loved one’s name, making it a special keepsake to cherish for years.

We even now offer the option to add a video message to your gift, which makes it even more personalized! The recipient will receive a QR code attached to your gift message. Once they scan the QR code with their phone, they can watch your uploaded video message. It is such a sweet way to add a personal touch to your gift.

Bath Salts or Bath Bombs

If you’re still wondering what to put in a care package for a friend, one of my favorite suggestions is to send a gift for a relaxing bath or shower. Epsom salts are known to help relieve muscle tension and swelling, and this natural bath salt set is a comforting and affordable way to send support. If you are supporting someone who has recently had a miscarriage, a shower steamer set is a sensitive way to show support – as it acknowledges the physical reality that many women cannot bathe immediately following a miscarriage. If you are looking to send a sympathy care package that is already perfectly curated for a hurting heart, this Restore gift box is a beautiful option. 

Their favorite treat (cookies, chocolates, specialty coffee, tea)

Comfort food can be another sweet option of something to put into a care package for someone who lost a loved one. You can send special cookies, pick up their favorite coffee, send them loose leaf tea filled with herbs to calm the soul after loss, or ship some delicious chocolate. No matter what you choose, a favorite treat is always a beloved option!

A soft blanket

A high quality blanket is another perfect gift to put into a care package for a grieving mother. It can be so comforting to snuggle up under a warm blanket, and we love the Saranoni blankets that are available in our shop. They are eco friendly and so cozy. 

A card from the heart

Sometimes, the best gifts are the most simple ones. There is something very special about a heartfelt card expressing sympathy and compassion. If you are not sure what to say in the card, do not worry! It is very normal to struggle to know what to say to a grieving friend. I often suggest the following: 

Dear friend, I am so sorry for the loss of (then include the name of the loved one here). You are so special to me, and my heart is so tender towards you in this heartbreaking time. I am grieving with you, and here for you. You can take all the time that you need. XOXO, Your friend.

Quality Time

Spending quality time with a grieving friend is truly another of the best gifts you can give them. It is a very isolating and lonely experience to lose a loved one, and a committed friend to sit with you in the difficult moments can make all the difference. Whether you sit with them on the couch and cry (or binge watch a favorite tv program), take them to their favorite gentle exercise class, go on a walk to the neighborhood, grab dinner together, or get tickets to an event, they will appreciate your effort to spend quality time with them. 

We hope you loved this roundup of some of my favorite grieving gifts. What would you suggest to add?