July 13, 2023

Why Personalization Matters - How Custom Sympathy Gifts Can Make a Difference 

by Lanna Britt

 In a world where personalization is increasingly valued and sought after, it comes as no surprise that its impact extends beyond mere material possessions. When faced with loss and grief, individuals find solace in the embrace of empathy and compassion. Sympathy gifts, tokens of support and remembrance, play a pivotal role in providing comfort during these difficult times. However, the true power lies in custom sympathy gifts that go beyond generic offerings, enabling a profound and lasting impact on the recipients. 

This blog explores why personalization matters in the realm of sympathy gifts, shedding light on how these customized gestures can make a remarkable difference in the lives of those grieving the loss of a loved one. By delving into the emotional connection, individualization, and commemoration that personalized sympathy gifts offer, we will uncover the transformative potential that lies within these thoughtful expressions of care and support.

The Power of Personalization

Personalized remembrance gifts are a way to show the recipient you took time and attention to order something specifically for them. The Cambridge Dictionary definition of personalization reads, “the act of changing an object or adding to it so that it is obvious that it belongs to or comes from you.” When someone is grieving, any show of support is appreciated. There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a few thoughtful items from HomeGoods and stuffing them into a bag or finding a gift via Amazon and easily clicking “send” for it to be delivered. But a personalized gift that requires additional foresight is a way to increase the emotional connection with the recipient and provide additional comfort. Personalized grief gifts especially increase the perceived value and thoughtfulness of a gift

Personalization is an extra step that shows the recipient you care for them and are grieving with them. Here, a vase with my stillborn son’s initials was a thoughtful and meaningful gift from my best friend. 

Understanding Sympathy Gifts

A sympathy gift doesn’t have to be extravagant, it is simply a gesture to offer comfort to someone grieving a loss. Traditional sympathy gifts could include flowers, plants or even gift baskets including food or fruit. Custom sympathy gifts are a step above and can go the extra mile in showing the recipient you were thinking of them during their time of loss. Custom condolence gifts could include personalized jewelry, candles or specialty items like windchimes or plaques. Selecting the right sympathy gift is important. As thoughtful as a commemorative garden stone might be, if the person lives in a small apartment, that gift may fall flat. 

The Impact of Custom Sympathy Gifts

We are all unique individuals with unique stories and lives. When someone loses a loved one, it can feel overwhelming. The family grieving may worry the impact and memory of the deceased will disappear with the passage of time.Customized memorial gifts or mementos can lessen that fear. Seeing the loved one’s name engraved on a wind chime or written on a custom candle can bring a permanence the mourner will appreciate. Also consider the personality and interests of the recipient. Someone who loves to garden would no doubt cherish a memorial garden stone in a loved one’s name. Honoring the memory of the departed can be done in a variety of ways. If you knew them well, think about the role they played in the lives of those you are giving the gift to. If a departed spouse always did the yard work, you could give a gift card to a lawn service for a few months. That is another personal way to show you are thoughtfully trying to offer comfort and practical help.

Making a Difference Through Personalization

Personalized gifts can also offer strength to those grieving. A beautiful piece of jewelry that has a loved one’s name engraved on it can be a tangible item to hold during difficult times of sadness. Something like this custom engraved memorial frame from Laurelbox can sit on a desk and provide a lasting tribute and source of comfort day in and day out. Laurelbox makes it so easy to send a variety of thoughtful and beautiful customizable gifts, no matter the loss. 

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Custom Engraved Memorial Photo Frame
Custom Engraved Memorial Photo Frame
Custom Engraved Memorial Photo Frame
Custom Engraved Memorial Photo Frame
Custom Engraved Memorial Photo Frame
Custom Engraved Memorial Photo Frame

Custom Engraved Memorial Photo Frame

Regular price$ 32.00

Treasure memories from their life with this custom engraved memorial photo frame. The loved one's name and your choice of phrase is engraved directly onto the frame, making this piece a timeless keepsake.

Made of two thick panels of crystal clear, solid acrylic held together by tiny magnet points, the picture is easily placed between the two panels and held securely without any hardware. Display 2 photos back to back, horizontally or vertically. Sized at 4x6. Please note that we are unable to add your personal photograph to this frame prior to shipment.


We add custom engraving to these frames to make your gift personal and meaningful. Please note that custom engraving requires additional processing time and ships within 3 to 5 business days. This item will be personalized and cannot be canceled or returned except for manufacturers defects.  

Practical Considerations and Suggestions

As you take a few minutes to think through how best to comfort your friend, make sure to choose the right type of custom sympathy gift. Be mindful of cultural or religious considerations of the family you want to comfort. It’s important you offer a gift they would appreciate. Don’t use a sympathy gift as a way to push your feelings about death or loss on them. That defeats the point of the gift! Laurelbox collaborates with professional artisans and designers to create thoughtful and intentional grief gifts that are both sensitive and beautiful. 


To recap, personalized memorial gifts are a wonderful way to convey how much you are sorry for their loss and also keep the memory of their loved one alive in a powerful way. Every time the wind blows, custom wind chimes in honor of my beloved stepfather make a beautiful noise outside my kitchen window. Each Christmas as I pull out cherished ornaments for the tree, I spend a little extra time holding the custom feather ornament with a “C” and infinity symbol in honor of our sons we’ll meet in heaven. Speaking from experience, my most favorite gifts given to honor a lost loved one are those that are personalized. Consider choosing a personalized condolence gift as a way to make a meaningful difference during a friend’s grief journey.  


Lanna Britt was a national news producer in Washington DC for nearly a decade covering politics, breaking news and current events.  She now lives with her husband and three children in Richmond VA. She has two sweet babies she’ll meet again in heaven.

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