Words to Comfort a Bereaved Friend at the Holidays

We know that grief is a journey that is unique to every single person walking that path. It can be so hard to know what to say or do for a bereaved friend. And that’s especially true during holidays when there is so much focus on joy and celebration.

That’s why, when one of our customers offered to write up a few supportive phrases that might accompany our Ring in Memory gift bells, we were thrilled to read what she wrote. What better way to personalize our gifts than by offering a heartfelt message?

Karen Mulder discovered our company when she was looking for a unique gift to send a grieving friend; she has since become a fan of laurelbox’s loving and thoughtful gifts. As the founder of a caregiving ministry Karen shares our mission to care for others who are suffering. Karen wrote a wonderful blog post on her website with suggestions for what to write for each of our bells: Ring in Memory, Ring for Love and Ring with Hope.

And, as a bonus, here’s an idea that Karen wrote, just to share with laurelbox blog readers for the Ring with Hope bell: “When you touch the Ring with Hope bell, whisper Jeremiah 29:11 several times.”

Want the full list? Head on over to Karen’s Wisdom of the Wounded website and read her post, How to Care for a Friend Who is Grieving This Christmas.

As always, thanks for caring for those who have suffered a loss.