Garden Kit

Use one of these indoor Garden Kit sets to grow a commemorative flower or herb in their honor. Choose between Thinking of You (Pansies) and Love (Forget Me Nots). This set includes everything you need to grow in a leak proof container.

Thinking of You (Pansy, Viola wittrockiana) The name Pansy comes from the French word Pensée which means "thought." A reminder in bloom that someone is thinking of you. Pansies are hearty plants and easy to grow. The large blooms will brighten any windowsill. 

Love (Forget-me-not, Myosotis oblongata) Plant memories with this sentimental flower of sky-blue color with tiny yellow centers. It forms a mound of fuzzy foliage that grows to 6" in height. When in bloom, it bears clusters of flowers that uncurl as the flower buds open. 

Peppermint {Mentha species} A perennial herb bursting with fragrance and flavor enlivening endless dishes and drinks. To encourage low bushy growth, harvest leaves frequently and pinch off tops. Growing mint in a container is a perfect way to enjoy the freshly harvested herb and control its tendency to spread in the garden. 

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