We love hearing from you! If you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hey, email us at info@laurelbox.com! Questions on how our store works? Read below!

Shipping FAQs

How fast do you ship? 

All laurelboxes ship within 1 to 2 business days. Our offices are closed and do not ship on Federal Holidays. Once shipped, our carriers deliver based on the approximate schedule listed below. You will have the option to choose your shipping method at checkout.

Shipping & Hand Packaging: Approximately 4 to 8 business days
Priority Shipping & Hand Packaging: Approximately 2 to 5 business days
Please note that once all orders leave our office, we are not responsible for carrier delays. We know that they will feel loved and remembered by your gesture, even if the gift is a bit delayed. If your order is delayed and has not arrived, we are unable to send replacements until the package has been with the shipping carrier for 15 days.

Will my order be delayed due to COVID-19? 

Although many carriers are maintaining normal delivery operations except where limited by government restrictions, please allow up to 10 to 15 business days for delivery with your postal carrier. During a year when we are all missing our community so much, even if your gift is delayed, we can almost guarantee that being remembered during grief will feel so validating for your friend. If your order is delayed and has not arrived, we are unable to send replacements until the package has been with the shipping carrier for 15 days.

I want to ship multiple laurelboxes on one order. How does that work?  

Purchases of multiple curated laurelboxes in a single order will be shipped in separate shipments. You will receive carrier tracking information for each shipment. We do not offer the option to ship a curated laurelbox inside a separate shipping box. We do not offer the option to put a laurelbox inside a separate shipping box, so your gift will packaged in the laurelbox shipping box that has gone through your postal service.

If you would like to ship multiple "build your own laurelbox" separately packaged in one single order, please add this listing to your order. Click here to ship multiple Build Your Own laurelboxes in one order.  Please leave a detailed note at checkout with which items you'd like packaged together. We will package and ship your order as specified in your order notes in separate shipments. You will receive USPS tracking information for each shipment. Please be sure to include your phone number at checkout so we can reach out with any questions.

Feel free to email us at info@laurelbox.com with any questions regarding this policy!

Do you offer international shipping? 

Unfortunately, as of December 7th, we have suspended all international orders due to COVID-19. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The deadline for delivery by December 25th for international orders is November 15. International shipping is seeing delays at customs due to COVID 19 and should allow 3+ weeks for customs processing. We cannot guarantee that you will or will not be charged any customs taxes or duties. Any customs or import duties and fees are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. International orders generally take 3-5 weeks due to COVID-19, although times may vary for reasons outside our control. This applies only to International and Canadian orders.

What days do you ship? 

Our offices ship Monday through Friday. We are closed and do not ship on Federal Holidays.

Can I place an order now, and you hold to ship it later? 

We are unable to offer holds for later ship dates at this time.

Do you offer free shipping? 

Although we work hard to keep our shipping costs low, we do charge shipping (starting at $6.95) per laurelbox sent.

General FAQs

How do you package laurelboxes? Do you package every box the same? 

laurelbox is a gift box company to nourish hearts after loss, and every single box is hand packaged with love and care. Each laurelbox is shipped in our signature packaging, which includes crinkle paper, tissue paper, and a gift message inside our high quality beautiful shipping box (no receipts or billing information is ever included!). We offer prepared laurelboxes for specific losses, the option to curate your own laurelbox, and laurelbox subscriptions.

My order is a gift. Do you include receipts or prices? 

No need to worry! Every laurelbox is packaged as a gift, and never includes any prices, billing information, or receipts. Ever.

Can you customize my laurelbox? 

Of course! We love customizing laurelboxes, and make it super easy. Simply shop any of the items under our "Build a laurelbox" tab and we will package every item in your cart in our signature packaging. Email at info@laurelbox.com with any questions!

Can I add a card to my order? And can you help me know what to say in my card?  

Yes! Each and every laurelbox includes a complimentary card. During checkout, you can choose between a selection of cards and add a gift message. Please note that we only offer one card per order. Additional cards are available for $3 per card. Email us at info@laurelbox.com if you need help writing your card! We are happy to help!

My laurelbox is arriving late even though I chose expedited shipping.

We are so sorry your laurelbox has been delayed! Unfortunately, if the delay occurs because of delays with UPS or USPS, it is out of our control and we cannot offer refunds for shipping costs at this time. If, however, the delay seems far outside of normal delays this year (because... COVID!), email us at info@laurelbox.com and we will look into it with you! If your order is delayed and has not arrived, we are unable to send replacements until the package has been with the shipping carrier for 15 days.

It looks like my delivery was unsuccessful. Can you help me? 

Send us an email at info@laurelbox.com. We are are here to call shipping carriers, but we cannot guarantee success. If the delivery was unsuccessful due to customer error inputting the address, we will ship a replacement for a $9.95 shipping fee. Reach out to us via email and we will take good care of you!

Ah! I got a delivery notification, but my friend said they never got their box. Can you help? 

One of the funniest little quirks of USPS is that they give themselves 1-2 days AFTER a package is marked delivered to actually deliver the package. So, if you've given USPS the additional 1-2 days after receiving the notice of delivery and you still don't have the package in hand, send us an email at info@laurelbox.com. We will jump in on this with you! But breath easy – 99% of the time the laurelbox shows up within a day. If you think the package truly was mis-delivered, send us an email, and we will take care of it.

Can I purchase your items in bulk? 

For bulk orders over 10 items, please allow 6-8 business days for order fulfillment. Email us for more information.  

Interested in collaborating or working with us? Read below for FAQs.

Do you have a discount program for non-profits who order regularly from your store!  

Yes! We are proud to offer a discount program for all non-profits. To enroll your non-profit, email us at info@laurelbox.com and we will contact you with all necessary paperwork to qualify.

Would you be interested in selling my products in your shop?  

Great question! We are creatives and makers, so many of our items are manufactured in house. We currently work with a great team of makers who produce all our out of house items, so at this time we are not adding new vendors to our store. But, do share your work! We love cheering you on!

Can you share my organization, blog, or page on your site? 

Another great question! Building community after loss is so important! And while we can't share everyone who is serving this way, we'd love to get to know you and hear your story.

Do you offer wholesale?  

Yes! Reach out to us at info@laurelbox.com. We offer wholesale on a case by case basis.

Will you donate to my auction, charity, or organization?

We love donating, so please feel free to send us an email. But please understand, we are a very small shop with limited resources to donate, so we cannot guarantee that we will be able to support your organization. But again, do reach out so we can cheer you on!

More questions?

Reach out to us via email at info@laurelbox.com. We make every attempt to reply to emails within 24 hours during our Monday through Friday work week.