5 Meaningful Gifts for a Friend Who Recently Lost their Pet

A few years ago, we lost our faithful dog of twelve years. It was an incredibly difficult loss for our family, and I was surprised by the grief we felt in the weeks and months after the loss. It was a tough thing to process together with our young kids, and I found myself struggling to care for myself throughout the loss. From this experience, I learned firsthand what types of gestures are meaningful for someone who is grieving the loss of a pet (you can read more about our experience and how we explained the loss to our kids). 

If you have a friend who recently lost their pet, you know they are going through grief and pain as they miss their beloved pet. A sweet gesture like a handwritten note, a baked treat, or a gift is a thoughtful and loving way to show that you care. Here are five meaningful pet loss gift ideas for a friend who recently lost their pet.

And if you are the one who is grieving a pet, this video has some great reminders that are helpful as you process your grief.



A Thoughtful Note and Their Favorite Treat

One of the most heartfelt things you can do for someone who is grieving is send them a handwritten note. Although it is a simple gesture, it is caring and loving and shows you remember their loss. While it can be hard to know exactly what to write in a card, handwritten notes are super meaningful. If you need some ideas on what to write in your card, here is a sweet and simple suggestion: 

Dear Friend, 
I am so sorry for the loss of your pet, INSERT PET NAME HERE. I know how much you loved your sweet dog/cat/etc. You did an amazing job loving them so much while they were on earth, and you did such a good job caring for them. I am sending you love and support while you grieve your furry friend! 
Your name 

There is even a super sweet card available for free with your order at laurelbox – it makes a super sweet addition to a special pet loss gift. 

You can also drop off a special treat to let them know you are thinking of them. Whether you choose to drop them a sweet treat like a cookie, their favorite coffee, or a fun little basket of candy, fruit, and chocolate, it is a thoughtful way to show your support. You can even package the pet memorial gift in a cute cellophane bag with a bow!

Personalized Pet Necklace

If you want to send a special commemorative gift to your friend, a personalized paw print necklace with the pet’s name is a perfect option!  Adding the pet’s name to the necklace makes the gift super unique, and it is a very thoughtful way to support your friend. You can choose between silver and gold!   

If you know that your friend had their pet cremated, you can send them a thoughtful necklace to store their pet’s ashes. There are gorgeous options available at Oaktree Memorials where you can find a timeless keepsake that they will treasure for years to come. 

Plush of their Pet

Another sweet idea is to custom order your friend a plush or pillow of their pet. Depending on their style, you can choose a pillow in the shape of their pet, like this one at Petsies, or a more modern style like this option on Etsy. No matter which option you choose, a customized pillow gives your friend something soft and comforting to hold in the moments when they are missing their pets the most.

Pet Memorial Ornament 

A pet memorial ornament is another beautiful and unique pet remembrance gift for someone who has lost a dog or a cat. Each ornament is made of rose gold acrylic and is custom engraved with the pet’s name on the ornament. The ribbon is made of a high quality silk, making the gift special and unique. Each timeless ornament is sure to become a keepsake that can be enjoyed year after year! The ornament is packaged carefully in a leather pouch for storage and protection. Find the ornament here

Family Portrait with Pets

You can also surprise your friend with a custom family portrait that features your friend and their pet. This wonderful Etsy shop has amazing reviews, and shares that they can “turn your photo into a modern hand-illustrated faceless portrait.” For those who consider their pets a part of the family, this pet memorial gift is a true treasure! 

We hope that this list helps you as you support your friend who has recently lost their pet!