Spring and Mother's Day laurelboxes

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for the Bereaved

Mother’s Day can be a painful day for anyone who has experienced miscarriage, child loss, infertility, or the loss of a mother or grandmother. It is easy for this holiday to feel like a reminder of who you are missing.

Because we know that Mother’s Day can be difficult, we have created gifts to acknowledge the love between a mother and a child. Each of our beautiful gifts are designed specifically to care for a grieving heart on Mother's Day. You can shop meaningful gifts for the garden, self care gifts, and gifts acknowledging the love between a mother and child.

Shop our butterfly garden seed kit, memorial garden stone, wind chime, and gardening gloves for the perfect memorial garden. Or, shop our meaningful rainbow themed gift to find hope in the promise of the rainbow. The collection also includes two beautiful gifts – a candle and a necklace – specifically designed to commemorate the loss of a child. Each item is an exclusive design for laurelbox and acknowledges the eternal love between a mother and a child. 

These sympathy gifts are perfect for any woman who is missing their child or their mother this holiday season. Build your own Mother’s day gift box for Mother's day. laurelbox offers a collection of Mother's Day sympathy gifts. Find the perfect gift today!