Best Six Sympathy Gifts to Give over the Summer

Summer is a great time of year for so many people. The break from our normal social activities can be so refreshing as many people spend time with family, travel, and take breaks from sports and school. But, unfortunately, summer can be a really hard time for grieving people. Often in the busy-ness of the summer season, people who experience loss in the summer may receive less support than they would otherwise. Likewise, people whose loss happened outside of summer months may notice that support they had previously been receiving declines as friends and family get more busy and distracted. 

If you are interested in sending love and support to a friend who is grieving this summer, we have rounded up our six best sympathy gifts to send love and support this summer! 

Memorial Wind Chime

There is something so special about this Wind Chime ringing in honor of your loved one. Many people find the sound of bells symbolic of their loved one’s presence, and this gift is a beautiful and understated way to honor a loss. We love seeing sympathy wind chimes installed in a memorial garden or on a front porch, where the recipient can let the sound of the bells remind them of a loved one. 

We even actually offer an entire collection of gifts designed specifically for the garden, which is perfect for a summertime sympathy gift! 

Customized Butterfly Garden Seed Set

This Custom Butterfly Garden Seed Set is our top seller this summer! We love that it includes the seeds you need to plant a butterfly garden in their memory. To make this sympathy gift even more special, we customize it with the loved one’s name, so that it is a gift to treasure for a long time! This seed mix is composed of native wildflowers, garden flowers, and milkweeds which supply nectar and sources for adult butterflies. Includes both annual and perennial seeds. 

Memorial Garden Stone

This beautifully engraved Memorial Garden Stone is a beautiful addition to a summertime memorial garden. Each standing stone is deeply engraved and generally 3 inches in width. They are safe for outdoor use and can be used in a memorial garden, and they also make a beautiful display indoors. Engraving is single sided. 

Calming Shower Steamers

This set of four Calming Shower Steamers transforms the air with the scents of summer! Each steamer is scented with orange and floral essential oils, and is a refreshing way to relax. Each is infused with aromatherapeutic essential oils designed to help calm, relax, and destress. Place a tablet on the shower floor and allow the hot water to dissolve the tablet releasing the steam. We especially like them as a sympathy gift for someone who has miscarried in the summer, as it a sweet self care gift that also acknowledges that many women cannot bathe right after a miscarriage. 



Customized Forget Me Not Candle

Our customized memorial candles are one of the most special sympathy gifts we have in the shop. We love that you can light this beautiful Custom Forget Me Not Memorial Candle in their honor. Each candle botanical forget me not artwork, which is a symbol of love and everlasting connection. Each candle includes a personalized name printed directly on the label. Fragrance notes include orange and lemon peel with finishing aromas of grapefruit, mandarine, tangerine, lime and peach. Similar in fragrance to the well loved Volcano scent. 

Garden Kit

If you want to send a gift for a memorial garden to a friend who lives in an apartment, does not have outside space, or is unable to physically move outdoors, we love one of our indoor Garden Kits! Use them to grow a commemorative flower or herb in their honor. Choose between Thinking of You (Pansies) and Love (Forget Me Nots). This set includes everything you need to grow in a leak proof container.


We hope this list of the top six best sympathy gifts to send this summer helps you in your efforts to support a loved one!