Helping a Grieving Mother Through Mother's Day

Hey friend who is supporting a grieving mama right now – I have some gentle words for you.

Whether your friend has been trying to conceive for years but has never gotten that positive test....

Or maybe she had a positive test, but lost that loved baby far too early...

Maybe she held that baby and nuzzled soft skin and smelled their sweet head but had to say goodbye...

Maybe she cuddled that toddler and kissed their chubby knees and she misses them so much it hurts…

Maybe she walked them through the school years and helped guide them in their awkward years, and she wishes with everything to see them give her that teenage eye roll again.

Maybe she watched them enter adulthood and experienced the sweetness of a grown relationship and who cries every night wishing for them back in this world.

Because the truth is – no matter when she lost that child, she matters. Her child matters. And the real thing I want to tell you is that Mother’s Day is going to be really, really hard for her. As her friend, I know you want to support her. You want to let her know that her tears matter and her love for her children matters and that you remember her. So I’m here to give you a few simple things you can do to support her this year. It can feel intimidating and hard to love on a grieving mama, but I’m here to tell you -- you can do it. You are the friend for the job. 

Acknowledge she is a mother

The best thing you can do for someone who has lost a child (or really any type of loss) is acknowledge their love for their child and their heartache. It doesn't have to be complicated or elaborate, but your acknowledgement can mean so much. 

It can be as simple as sending her a text message or picking up the phone, or as elaborate as dropping off some treats at her door or sending her a gift. And even though laurelbox offers gifts for all types of losses, we will always have a tender spot in our hearts for grieving moms. To every mama who has been part of this journey with us – encouraging each other, sharing your stories, giving your heart to the other women in this online space – your child matters and is so profoundly important. It is such an honor to work to create special ways to commemorate and honor your kiddos, and we thank you for letting us be even a small part of your family's story. 

You can view our collection of heartfelt Mother’s Day Boxes, where we offer meaningful gifts for the garden, self care gifts, and gifts acknowledging the love between a mother and child.

Shop our butterfly garden seed kit, memorial garden stone, wind chime, and gardening gloves for the perfect memorial garden. Or, shop our meaningful rainbow themed gift to find hope in the promise of the rainbow. The collection also includes two beautiful gifts – a candle and a necklace – specifically designed to commemorate the loss of a child. Each item is an exclusive design for laurelbox and acknowledges the eternal love between a mother and a child. 

Make specific plans for a day together

Sometimes, Mother’s Day after losing a child can feel really lonely. If your friend feels up for it, make plans to spend time with her on Mother’s Day. It can be something simple like dropping off some coffee and pastries, taking her hiking, visiting a nearby lake or beach, or taking her out to lunch. It doesn’t have to be elaborate (in fact, simple might be easier for her). 

This is also a great time to remember someone who is struggling with infertility. It is easy to feel super discouraged at Mother’s Day if you’ve been trying to conceive, and knowing that a friend remembers how hard the day is for you can be incredibly meaningful.

Do something that honors the lost child

Another great idea of how to help a bereaved mother at Mother’s Day is to do something to honor the child. There are so many amazing and creative ways that bereaved parents honor their children. A few ideas include taking part in a random act of kindness, donating to a meaningful charity, volunteering in honor of the child, or supporting someone in need in honor of the child. The most important part of this is to ensure that the activity is done in honor of her child, and to share that with her! 

I hope these ideas were helpful as you work to support a bereaved mother this year on Mother's Day!