Although they may no longer be earth-side, celebrating the day of their birth is still a special part of honoring their memory. These three items were specially chosen to commemorate and celebrate your loved one. Each gift is exclusive for laurelbox, and perfectly designed to invite a day of remembering the love you shared.


  • Shining Bright Birthday Candle: These 8 ounce soy wax birthday cake scented candles are a sensitive way to celebrate a birthday or home-going day of a loved one who has passed away. They are hand poured with love in Cincinnati.
  • Joyous Chorus Plate: Whether you choose to display this porcelain plate in your home, save it as jewelry tray, or use it for a slice of commemorative birthday cake, it is sure to remind you of the love you shared. 6.5" in diameter. Gold edged and printed with gold foil. Non microwaveable. Hand wash only.
  • Birthday Apothecary Matches:  Includes 45 colored tip safety matches and a strike on bottle design. The perfect compliment to the Shining Bright Birthday Candle.
* IMPORTANT: Due to global shipping delays, we are currently unable to offer this candle in our standard jar. The photo in the second image is the substitute candle vessel that we are currently using while we wait for our backorder of standard jars. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause, and hope you can understand our attempt to keep offering this candle despite a global glass shortage! 


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