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Gifts to Nourish the Soul

Stories for support, encouragement, sisterhood, and community from women who have lived Mother’s Day outside what culture claims as the norm.

Your story is not a source of shame. Your complicated feelings toward Mother’s Day don’t negate your gratitude. Share your rewritten story.

The idea for Motherhood: Rewritten came during a family reunion a few years ago. Between our mothers and grandmother, we were raised by amazing women. But when we sat together and looked in the eyes of our matriarchs, we realized something. Not one of us has a simple Mother’s Day story. Our stories are filled with loss, and foster children, and infertility, and mothering pre-made kiddos. From our 85-year-old grandmother to our own generation, our stories aren’t simple.

So we decided to create a project to celebrate women living second stories. To create a tribute to all of us rewriting our stories. To carve out a place for all of us who don’t let Hallmark define Mother’s Day. To encourage the brave and powerful women who continue on, even when it feels like our stories are the only ones marked by difference. To support any woman who feels excluded on Mother’s Day. Whether you have lost a child, lost a mother, mother children from outside your own womb, or mother hope for a child, your story is important.

We believe that women find sisterhood through shared stories. So in the last two years we’ve joined arms with nearly 40 women who have opened their hearts to you, poured their stories out in words for you, and are desperate for you to know that you are not alone. You’ll find many stories categorized by experience. And we also want to hear from you, so please join the campaign to share your own story. While we know that not every story of motherhood and daughterhood is reflected here, we hope you also know that nothing disqualifies you from receiving our warm embrace.

Welcome to Motherhood: Rewritten. Come, grab a hand, take heart, find support. You are not alone. You may feel broken, yes. But you are worthy. So breathtakingly worthy.

We are Denise Wolfe and Johanna Mutz, cousins and best friends. We’re the owners of the little shop hosting this project, and most of the time you can find us sending out curated gift boxes to nourish hearts after loss. But more than anything else, we love loving people, and we love giving freely. Which is why this year, you’ll find Motherhood: Rewritten as our gift to you. Totally from our hearts to yours. We love you beautiful women.