Meet the Maker: Molly Hatch

We are huge fans of a handmade and small batch aesthetic because after loss, it is important that each gift feels created specifically for you.  We work closely with a group of women makers to provide our high quality goods that nourish aching hearts.  The women we work with are the best, so we wanted to introduce these fabulous gals!  Welcome to the inaugural post in our new Meet the Makers series.  

Today, we are introducing you to the fabulous Molly Hatch.  We fell in love with Molly's work while browsing Anthropologie. Cute ceramics with cheeky sayings, how can you not love it?  Molly was born the daughter of a painter and an organic dairy farmer, which informed her creatively industrious spirit.  It's easy to love her whimsically literal and pop-culturally on-point artwork. She launched her career in 2008 as a studio potter specializing in tableware and quickly gained high regard.  These days you can find Molly's work on products from stationary to fabrics and more.  She's a busy lady, with over 15 brand partnership and about to launch three forthcoming books.  We connected with Molly when she answered our phone call to her studio.  And guys.  She's the real deal.  She's so genuine and kind and creative and basically
all around brilliant.  So without further ado, here's Molly!

Tell us the story of how you got started in your work.  I studied art in college at the Museum School and Tufts University in Boston and went to the University of Colorado for ceramics as a graduate student, but my start really came when I was a little girl watching my mother and grandmother paint. I loved the process, the quietness and the concentration needed to draw and paint and even color. I think I have always known that I wanted to be an artist. My interest in ceramics came as a student—I loved that I could make drawings on objects that were functional.

What about your work makes you feel energized?  My work really makes me happy—I love to think that my work can help brighten someone’s day or simply bring pleasure because its beautiful and useful.

What accomplishment in your life makes you the most proud (it can be personal or work related)?  My daughter would have to be my first answer here—but the fact that I am making a living form my artwork is definitely a point of pride. When I set out to make this my career, I knew it would be hard work and that it would be a huge challenge to make a living, but here I am, doing it!

Molly created three of the ornaments in our new Holiday Collection, as well as our Forget Me Not collection of gifts.  Tell us the story behind your products in the laurelbox shop.  What purpose do you hope they serve the women who receive them?  My hope for the products laurelbox and I have collaborated on is that they help cheer those in need of cheer, act as a reminder or provide a space for remembering and in general help heal.

What part of your own life story gives additional meaning to working with laurelbox?  I love working with laurelbox because I completely understand the need for a more meaningful and poignant gift for friends and loved ones at a difficult time. I find that during a difficult time, many of us seek to comfort with grace and depth and I truly feel that laurelbox offers this to their clients.