When Cardinals Appear Angels are Near

Cardinals have long been considered a sign from loved ones. Remember the love you share with this custom Cardinal Birdseed Set and beautifully engraved Memorial Garden Stone. This holiday themed laurelbox was designed to remember a loved one. Makes a thoughtful gift for a grieving friend. 


  • Cardinal Birdseed Mix: Fill a bird feeder in their memory with this personalized cardinal bird seed packet.  Leave the loved one's name below and we will add it to the label for this bird seed pack. This seed packet is a petite serving of 3 ounces of black oil sunflower seeds, which are well known to attract cardinals. Due to quantity size, best set out on a flat dish instead of a large bird feeder. The packet can be reused as a keepsake item for the garden. Black oil sunflower seeds provide cardinals with the nutritious protein they need to thrive. 
  • Memorial Garden Stone:  Each standing stone is deeply engraved and generally 3 inches in width. They are safe for outdoor use and can be used in a memorial garden, and they also make a beautiful display indoors. Engraving is single sided. These are natural stones in shades of cream, and may include markings and lines which are deposits created naturally.