Jane Fandrey

Meet the Maker: Jane Fandrey

July 20, 2018

We are kicking off another round of our "Meet the Maker" series by introducing you to Jane Fandrey, the artist behind our tea towels and handkerchief. I started my career in the museum world, and I had the privilege of working with Jane for a few years. When we were looking for an artist to create these linens, I immediately knew she was the perfect fit. Jane is Minnesota woman through and through, currently staying at home with her three sons, drawing for herself at Tiny Lavender Label and writing and illustrating stories for her boys in her spare time.

Tell us the story of how you got started making art.  I can’t remember a time I haven’t made art! Both of my parents are very artistic and I was always praised for my efforts, the first of which I remember is a portrait of the Hulk. I have just always made art – at school, 4-H, college, and now.

What about your work makes you feel energized? Getting into the zone when time stops and you’re just making absolutely fills me with joy, as does finding out how happy my clients are when they receive their pieces. I love sinking thoughts and feelings into my work and delight in finding the right kind of music to connect to the piece.

What accomplishment in your life makes you the most proud? 
Looking forward and always moving. No one gets through life without some bumps, and being able to keep going forward feels like an accomplishment!
Jane created our I Will Sustain You tea towel and mug, Let Your Friends Shelter You tea towel, and Collecting You Tears Handkerchief. Tell us the story behind your art in the laurelbox shop. What purpose do you hope they serve the women who receive them? 
I was so excited to create some of the inaugural pieces for laurelbox! Knowing the reason for the company, I hope that the laurelbox pieces that bear my art loss mothers know that they have friends and family by them on their grief journey.
Is there any part of your own life story that gives additional meaning to working with laurelbox?  From the time I knew what pregnancy and birth were, I have felt very strongly that we should listen to and trust women about their bodies and experiences. There’s not a woman of childbearing age who has not been touched by miscarriage or loss and my heart goes out to the women in the thick of the grief.

Hi! We are Johanna and Denise, cousins, best friends, and founders of laurelbox. Our little shop works hard to support the supporters and bring community during grief. Welcome! Thank you for joining us and we hope you'll stay awhile!

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