January 13, 2020
Talking openly about anger isn't something that happens a ton, but as anyone who has gone through loss can tell you, it's a very real part of grief. And as someone who has spent a lot of time angry, here is the most important thing I have to say... Anger always has a story to tell. Click to read more.

Words to Comfort a Bereaved Friend at the Holidays
November 14, 2019
We know that grief is a journey that is unique to every single person walking that path. It can be so hard to know what to say or do for a bereaved friend. And that’s especially true during holidays when there is so much focus on joy and celebration. Click to read more.

I'm the Mom Who Will be Crying on the
First Day of School
Guest blog by Stacey Skrysak
August 9, 2019
We are so honored to be featuring this guest blog post by Stacey Skrysak. Stacey is a television news anchor and writer, and is a mother to a 22-weeker surviving triplet and two children in Heaven. Click to read more.

May 14, 2019
We are excited to introduce you to Maria Schiering during this most recent Meet the Maker blog post. Maria and her husband Zach and I are the founders of candlespice co located right here in Cincinnati. They work hard to hand pour each of our Shining Bright Birthday Candles. Click to read more.

January 28, 2019
After you've gone through major suffering, I think it can be easy to slip into a pattern of criticizing yourself. If you're feeling this way right now, we have a message for your heart. Click to read more.

November 22, 2018
I miscarried on the Friday before Thanksgiving eight years ago. I was a mess that year during the holiday, full of grief and anger and sadness. We had planned to announce our pregnancy to our families at the Thanksgiving table. But instead, I bit my lip and cried into my mashed potatoes and mourned what i could not have.  Click to read more.

November 15, 2018
It's officially the holiday season, and for people who have experienced a loss, the next few weeks can make heartache feel like it's under a magnifying glass. We have created a line of beautiful Christmas gifts to nourish your heart this year.  Click to read more.

October 15, 2018
Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. It's a special day for anyone who has miscarried or lost a child, because it's a day when we stop and say, "we remember."  Click to read more.

The Love of a Mama Never Fades

October 1, 2018
No matter what type of loss you have experienced, one thing remains the same – the love of a mama never fades. October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month, and we have a special message for any woman who has experienced pregnancy or infant loss. Click to read more.

September 7, 2018
A few weeks ago, my family said goodbye to our loyal dog of 12 years. Sadie was such a big part of our life – a constant and loyal gift during many different seasons. Losing her was harder than I expected. Click to read more.

July 30, 2018
I'm a huge believer that the act of gardening and planting flowers and trees is a powerful way to heal after loss. I'm talking about my miscarriage experience and how gardening helped my grieving process. Click to read more.

July 27, 2018
This week's Meet the Maker series features Jane Fandrey, the artist behind our tea towels and handkerchief. Jane is an illustrator and mother. Click to read more about Jane and her work!

June 25, 2018
If you're grieving, the question "how are you?" is pretty miserable to answer. There is a better way to ask a friend to share. Click to read more.

June 2, 2018
A few years ago, I went through a really painful season. I found my way back to joy again, but it wasn't easy. Here are a few thoughts on "hope" and how to cling to it when all seems lost. Click to read more.

April 22, 2018
So many women ache in unique ways on Mother's Day. Whether you have lost a child, lost a mother, mother children from outside your own womb, or mother hope for a child, your story is important. Click to read more.

April 5, 2018
Bringing food to a friend is such a precious way to love on her during a hard time. And if you want to go above and beyond with your meal, below are tips suggested by our amazing community of women.  Click to read more.

We are big fans of beautiful packaging around here. And Denise prays over each and every laurelbox as she packages them. Tune in for a peek of unboxing one of our sympathy gifts of care and compassion...  Click to read more.

A few weeks ago I walked into a yoga retreat, running kinda late and frazzled because I'm always late and always frazzled. I knew I was supposed to bring a journal, but I couldn't find mine anywhere... typical. In my rushing around, I saw it... a gray journal where I had poured out my heart in the lowest moments of my life.... Click to read more.

Let’s just say it like it is, talking about death is awkward.  Like super uncomfortable, weird, awkward.  What should I say? Do they want to talk about it? Do they not want to talk about it? Ahhh.  We long to validate one’s loss and ask how they are, while simultaneously trying to avoid making the elephant in the room the only topic. It’s a debacle; one that’s hard to navigate. There are no perfect words, only pure intentions... Click to read more.

A few months ago, I saw a post on social media about a precious little two year old named Vivian. Vivian had recently experienced an intense surgery which required a long stay in the hospital during her recovery. Her mother, Ashley, was also mama of two other kiddos. As a fellow mama, my heart went out to the family during this difficult season and I felt a tug on my heart to send them a laurelbox. I walked into my shipping office, and looked around. And while there were a few items that could work to send, I suddenly realized that our shop was lacking the perfect gifts to send someone spending a season in the hospital, dealing with chronic illness, battling cancer, or experiencing prolonged illness... Click to read more.

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